Why is the City Asking Voters to Consider Improving Our Library?

The Astoria Public Library opened in 1967 and hasn’t been significantly updated since.  Much of the library is inaccessible for users with disabilities, building systems need replacement, and it lacks space for children’s programming and community use.


Accessibility & Safety

More than half of the library is inaccessible to users with disabilities. And the mezzanine is currently inaccessible and cannot be be made accessible due to structural issues.

Lack of Space for Children’s Programming

The Astoria Public Library has inadequate space to expand literacy programs for children and teens.


Technology Needs Have Changed

Technology has evolved and the current technology infrastructure in the library is outdated.

Aging Building Structures & Systems

The Astoria Public Library is 55 years old and has basic systems like electrical, heating, plumbing and roofing that are aging and do not function as designed.